Cumulative Dust Control Solution – Dustat

Hammersley's Dustat - cumulative dust control solutionAs experts warn of a serious global water shortage, the need for sustainable water management within the mining industry has become critical. Enter Hammersley’s revolutionary cumulative dust control solution – DUSTAT.

Dustat is the most effective treatment solution for dust control and for eliminating the serious problems caused by coal particles in our environment. Dustat has an extremely high agglomeration efficiency which binds fine dust particles together and forms heavier, less dust-producing aggregates. It also provides a cumulative effect which, with continual use, progressively assists the compaction of the substrate.

Dustat is an eco-responsible replacement for other ineffective wetting agent formulas and it’s also non-toxic, non-pollutant and fully biodegradable. In fact, our customers are reporting that they’re reducing their water consumption by up to 50%! That’s pretty amazing.

So with Dustat on your side, the only thing you have to lose is the DUST!

Dustat is:

  • A highly efficient dust control and substrate stabilising agent that provides a residual and cumulative effect on unsealed roads and embankments in above ground and underground areas, fly ash containment areas or wherever dust control is a problem.
  • A natural replacement for calcium, magnesium or sodium chloride preparations and surfactant-based wetting agents.
  • Completely safe to use, completely environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-phytotoxic, non-pollutant, biodegradable and not harmful to the skin.
  • Highly resistant to leaching away with water or rain.

For more information about Dustat, visit the product page.