Hammersley’s NonFlam is featured in the Australasian Mine Safety Journal!

Were so excited to have a feature in the Australasian Mine Safety Journal for our amazing NonFlam Contact Cleaner!

NonFlam is an innovative, technologically superior, stable safety solvent for use where work conditions demand the ultimate in safety and performance.
NonFlam minimises the downtime associated with ‘clean in place’ cleaning methods. Check out the full feature here: https://lnkd.in/gUv4WdVi

“We’ve always been known for the quality of our products and for the integrity of our business dealings,” McLean indicates. Our main concentration is on the mining and heavy industry because, historically, it’s what we’ve studied and worked with all our lives. Our objective has always been to supply safe, quality products, properly suited to the task they are to perform. Our development of NonFlam is a perfect example. Non-flammable aerosol contact cleaners and electrical cleaners have become a popular choice in mining and industrial applications, with the gravitation towards a safer workplace by eliminating any chance of fires. Unfortunately, removing a fire hazard through the introduction of non-flammable aerosols has brought with it a whole new spectrum of safety issues that can be extremely hazardous to the product user and to the environment.”