Hammersley’s Renew It – Superior Protection for your Vehicle Interiors

Whether it be for your own ‘pride and joy’ at home, a taxi, truck or whatever you drive for work, protecting your interior is a necessary part of caring for your vehicle.

When left sitting in the sun, UV rays can begin to tarnish your vehicle’s interior. Add general wear and tear and dirt to that, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be.

Enter Hammersley’s Renew It; the perfect product to revitalise and protect all leather and vinyl interior surfaces inside your vehicle. Not only does this amazing product restore and protect your interiors from UV damage, but it also cleans away grime and every-day build-up, leaving a deep natural conditioning effect.

Renew It contains nourishing oils and silicones which continue to sustain your interior surfaces long after use. Our specialised formula creates a friction-free layer that won’t allow dirt to stick or dust particles to settle.

Renew It is also available in varying sizes, starting from our convenient on-the-go 500ml size. For more information about this exceptional product, contact our friendly sales team today!