The Importance of Washing Your Hands

Hammersley's Nutra Gel Hand CleanserThe recommendation from all health authorities is to wash your hands regularly, and in the current circumstances, we’re encouraged to do this even more often than usual, but with all of this extra washing, it’s important to use a product that’s gentle to avoid unnecessary drying of the skin.

Hammersley’s Nutra Gel is a hand and skin cleanser that is a natural replacement for other detergent-based hand cleaners and bath soaps. It’s emollient-rich, maintaining the correct moisture balance of the skin, and it’s rich in Vitamin E to strengthen and revitalise skin cell tissue, which works to protect the skin against drying out, even after very frequent washing.

Additionally, Nutra Gel’s versatility means it can be also be used with equal efficiency as a shower gel or even a hair shampoo! Wow!