About this product

Hammersley’s new Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser Spray has been developed in response to concerns regarding the dermal toxicity and flammability of alcohol-based hand sanitisers.
This highly effective little bactericidal powerhouse is extremely gentle and non-drying on skin, coming in a conveniently sized personal spray bottle which makes it perfect for on-the-go use. It gives a high level of extended protection, even well after the product has dried, and it’s also just as effective as any of its alcohol-based competitors.

This amazing product is safe for use, even on the most delicate skin and hands. It’s non-flammable, alcohol-free, non-toxic and also 100% readily biodegradable, making it suitable for sensitive working environments such as underground mines.

Features & Benefits

  • A gentle yet highly effective bactericidal spray – Kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria quickly & effectively
  • Refreshing and sanitising – Non-toxic, non-flammable, alcohol-free and readily biodegradable
  • Easy to use – Does not dry out hands & is non-irritating
  • Dries completely in seconds – No water required
  • Safe to use where flammable products are banned – Leaves no residue
  • Convenient and perfect for on-the-go use – Comes in various sizes for ease of use


  • Home
  • School
  • Work – all industries
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Where water is not readily available
  • When frequent hand washing leaves hands dry
  • COVID-19 – use whenever necessary, especially before & after meals, before & after going outside or to the shops, after you’ve washed your hands as an added level of sanitation

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Product Size100ML5LT20LT1000LT
Product Code301-0100-45301-0005-45301-0020-45301-1000-45