About this product

A general-purpose, heavy-duty water-based degreaser designed to cut through heavy oils, grease and other contaminations.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful Performance – Hard-working concentrate cuts through heavy contamination of oil and grease – solubilises them – then rinses away without leaving any oily residues
  • Environmentally Responsible – Water-based – completely water-dilutable and water rinsable – biodegradable
  • Petrochemical Free – Contains no petroleum solvents – does not add to solvent load in effluent
  • Non-Flammable – no dangerous goods classification – no special storage considerations
  • Quick Break – After rinsing, oil-based contaminations break away from the water phase and float to the surfaces facilitating easy removal through oil separation systems


  • Driveway cleaning
  • Engine degreasing
  • Wheel and tyre cleaning
  • Contains natural citrus solvents

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Product Size5LT20LT205LT1000LT
Product Code300-0005-02300-0020-02300-0205-02300-1000-02