About this product

A high-performance laundry stain remover specially formulated to whiten whites and brighten colours. Biosan also sanitises and deodorises as it cleans.

Features & Benefits

  • Whitens whites and brighten colours
  • Sanitises and deodorises as it cleans
  • Safe to use – contains no chlorine or caustics. Can be used on all colourfast cotton and synthetic fabrics
  • Fast action – water is softened and conditioned on contact allowing destainers to penetrate and work immediately
  • A natural sanitiser ensuring positive bacteria and odour control. An ideal nappy soak


  • Industrial laundromats
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • General personal use

Available in the following sizes

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Product Size2KG bag9KG bag20KG bucket25KG bag
Product Code300-0002-06300-0009-06300-0020-06300-0025-06