About this product

A welding desmutter specially formulated to provide the efficient desmutting and weld cleaning of stainless and acid-resistant steels.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes acid-sensitive contaminations and stains from stainless steel, fibreglass, brickwork and painted surfaces
  • Easy to use – just apply and leave
  • Fast-acting
  • Concentrated, professional strength acidic cleaner without fuming
  • Efficient for removal of excess mortar, grout haze, efflorescence and most insoluble white stains on brick surfaces


  • Removal of weld spatter and discolouration
  • Removal of oxidation haze prior to surface treatment
  • Removal of mill scale
  • General post-processing clean up of all acid-resistant steels

Available in the following sizes

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Product Size5LT20LT205LT1000LT
Product Code301-0005-08301-0020-08301-0205-08301-1000-08