About this product

A highly concentrated fabric softener and conditioner for complete bacteriostatic softening and an anti-static effect on both natural and synthetic fabrics.

Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated – small dosages achieve maximum results
  • Contains super softening agents that impart a “baby soft” feel to fabrics
  • Reduces irritant properties caused by fabric roughness or insufficient rinsing
  • Makes ironing easier and reduces static “fly away”
  • A powerful germicide, giving complete protection at recommended concentrations
  • Ready to use – needs no pre-mixing – is readily soluble in water
  • The ideal rinse additive for woollens, towels, blankets, etc. – or any fabric where the above-mentioned results are desired


  • Commercial laundromats
  • Hotels, motels and hospitality industries
  • Hospital laundry services
  • Home and personal use

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Size Available5LT20LT
Product Code300-0005-33300-0020-33