About this product

A commercial solvent window cleaner specially formulated to quickly clean all windows, mirrors and glass fixtures in any commercial area.

Features & Benefits

  • A balanced blend of natural solvents, detergents and silicone polymers, each designed to perform functions in the removal of all soils that contaminate glass products in commercial areas
  • Alcohol dissolves all spirit soluble soils and removes sticky residues, gums, dust and road grime
  • The detergency assists in the penetration, removal and suspension of all soils
  • The selected solvents are both oil and water-soluble, dissolving oily residues and making them miscible with water
  • The silicone polymers create and maintain a slippery polished surface to all treated glass and assist in achieving an anti misting effect


  • Windows, mirrors and glass surfaces in home or commercial settings
  • Personal and commercial car windscreen wash reservoirs
  • Truck and fleet windscreen wash reservoirs

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Product Size500ML5LT20LT205LT
Product Code300-0500-38300-0005-38300-0020-38300-0205-38