About this product

A highly effective, non-solvent industrial hand wash specially formulated to remove most stubborn soils from hands and other skin surfaces without the use of harsh solvent, abrasives or alkalies.

Features & Benefits

  • Dissolves grease – carbon – dirt and grime quickly and thoroughly
  • An industrial-strength cleaner that is mild enough for all over body cleaning during showering
  • Safe to use with no solvents, abrasives or heavy alkali salts
  • Non-irritating – does not produce de-fatting of skin
  • Contains coconut oil to leave skin comfortably soft and clean
  • Fortified with a powerful germicide ingredient that destroys bacteria in cuts and abrasions and reduces the incidence of dermatitis. Because of its mildness and germicidal properties
  • Recommended for problem skins and those prone to dermatitis infection
  • Leaves a monomolecular layer of a non-greasy conditioning agent – forms a barrier against drying out and re-soiling – skin is left conditioned and protected


  • Home
  • School
  • Work – all industries
  • Health Care facilities
  • COVID-19 – Should be used as the preferred product for frequent hand washing

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Product Size5LT20LT
Product Code300-0005-40300-0020-40