About this product

A non-caustic, heavy-duty water-based surface cleaner and degreaser which is excellent for engine degreasing and general hard surface cleaning.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent for engine degreasing and hard surface cleaning
  • Powerful performance – hard-working concentrate cuts through heavy contamination of oil and grease
  • Solubises and then rinses away without leaving any residues
  • Environmentally responsible – water-based & biodegradable
  • No petroleum solvents – non-caustic
  • No caustic alkalis – safer to use – safer on equipment
  • Non-flammable – no DG classification
  • Quick break – after rinsing, oil-based contaminations break away from the water phase and float to the surfaces facilitating easy removal through oil separation systems


  • All motoring industries, such as auto mechanics, car yards, smash repairs or anywhere heavy-duty oils and greases are found
  • General hard surface cleaning
  • Engine degreasing

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Product Size5LT20LT205LT1000LT
Product Code302-0005-1702-0020-17302-0205-17302-1000-17