About this product

An outstanding timber conditioning lotion and stainless steel polish specially formulated to clean, polish and protect laminated, stainless steel and natural wood furniture. Master Touch is a luxurious, penetrating, conditioning emulsion that polishes and nourishes as it cleans leaving a deep, natural, ‘cared for’ lustre.

Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated solution – Full of natural, deep penetrating oils and silicone to feed wood surfaces and keep them looking new, year after year
  • Convenient – Can be used effectively on light or dark timber surfaces (laminated, solid, veneer) enamel, vinyl and leather
  • Great for use on countertops and metal appliances
  • Simple to use – Makes furniture cleaning easy. The super siliconising effect allows for easy spreading and easier buffing
  • Leaves a deep protective lustre – Dirt won’t stick and dust won’t settle – smudges wipe away
  • Economical – Just a small spray down the centre of any area to be treated is easily spread out to cover a wide area


  • Timber furniture
  • Stainless steel furniture and appliances
  • Laminated, solid and veneer surfaces
  • Enamel
  • Vinyl and leather
  • Countertops
  • Auto interiors and chrome fittings

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Product Size500ML5LT20LT
Product Code300-0500-50300-0005-50300-0020-50