About this product

Formulated to speedily clean all windows, mirrors and glass fixtures in any industrial area.

Features & Benefits

  • A balanced blend of natural solvents, detergents and silicone polymers, each designed to perform functions in the removal of all soils that contaminate glass products in commercial areas
  • Removes sticky residues, gums, dust and road grime
  • The detergency assists in the penetration, removal and suspension of all soils
  • Creates and maintains a polished clean surface
  • Industrial-strength for heavy-duty applications
  • Non-abrasive – safe for use on all surfaces
  • Ready to use formula


  • Industrial/workshop glass and windows
  • Automotive mirrors and windows
  • Commercial settings including windows, display cabinets and other glass or reflective surfaces

Available in the following sizes

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Product Size500ML750ML5LT20LT
Product CodeH1034H1035H1057H1036