About this product

Formulated to remove road grime oil and soot with no streaking.

Features & Benefits

  • High concentration – very efficient at low usage levels
  • Advanced additives and emulsifiers make this product more effective
  • Free rinsing – rinses completely away with no residues
  • Hard water tolerant
  • Formulated with the technology to penetrate and break road grime bonding
  • Hard-working, powerful commercial formula, no hard scrubbing required
  • Safe on surfaces – will not dull or react with any finished surface
  • Safe to use with oil separation systems
  • Available in BULK


  • Trucks and other heavy vehicles
  • Cars and other commercial vehicles
  • Motorbikes
  • Boats
  • Farming vehicles

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Product Size20LT205LT1000LT
Product CodeH1043H1044H1045