About this product

A highly efficient vehicle shampoo concentrate specially formulated for premium performance.

Features & Benefits

  • A modern, high tech product for all vehicles
  • New technology wash formula that breaks soil bond and floats dirt away
  • High luxurious foam – very gentle on all painted surfaces. Leaves sparkling clean, streak-free finish
  • Formulated from naturally based Palm Oil and Coconut Oil derivatives
  • The non-ionising formula leaves surfaces electrolytically neutral – does not attract dirt or dust
  • Contains anti-corrosive additives – passivates and protects bare metal surfaces
  • Readily biodegradable – non-pollutant. Contains no phosphates
  • Easy to use high-performance product for fast and efficient results


  • Car wash centres
  • Car yards
  • Bus and truck fleets
  • Commercial and personal settings

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Size Available5LT20LT205LT
Product Code300-0005-24300-0020-24300-0205-24