Renew It

Vinyl & Leather Protectant

About this product

An effective vinyl and leather protectant specially formulated to revitalise all leather and vinyl surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Leaves a deep, natural conditioning effect
  • Leaves all treated surfaces with a smooth feel – soft, supple, luxurious
  • Creates a friction-free surface where dirt won’t stick, dust won’t settle
  • Subsequent marks wipe away easily
  • Non-film-forming
  • Will not peel, crack, fade or yellow
  • Spreads evenly – only a small amount is necessary for an immediate long-lasting effect
  • Superior nourishing oils and silicones leave natural, cared for, conditioned look and feel


  • All vehicle interiors
  • Leather and vinyl furniture

Available in the following sizes

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Product Size500ML5LT20LT205LT
Product Code302-0500-23302-0005-23302-0020-23302-0205-23