About this product

A highly effective, multi-purpose powder cleaner and sanitiser formulated to thoroughly clean, sanitise and deodorise all hard surface areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Thoroughly cleans, sanitises and deodorises all hard surface areas
  • Dissolves readily in hot or cold water to produce a solution of high cleaning and bacteriological potency
  • Displays complete chemical deodorising properties when used in areas subjected to bacterial odours – toilets, drains, etc.
  • Kills bacteria organisms on contact. 6gms per litre of water releases 100ppm chlorine
  • Safe – Contains no solvents or caustic compounds
  • Excellent for use in commercial or industrial bath, shower and toilet areas
  • Powerful cleaner – Disinfectant and fungicide for food processing industries
  • Unique action chemically destroys protein contamination. More efficient than normal cleaning compounds
  • Remarkably free rinsing – leaves no residue or slipperiness, even when rinsing is not quite adequate


  • Bath, shower and toilet areas
  • Cleaning and sterilising equipment in food industries
  • Conveyor belt and equipment cleaning in fruit canneries
  • Bakery equipment cleaning to eliminate pink mould
  • Vat cleaning in milk factories and boning tables in abattoirs
  • Animal kennels and stable areas

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Product Size900GMS2KG Bucket9KG Bag20KG Bucket25KG Bag
Product Code300-0900-77301-0002-77301-0009-77301-0020-77300-0025-77