About this product

A high-performance glass and dish-wash concentrate specially formulated for automatic dispensing equipment in dish-washing machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Four ways more effective – Fast efficient cleaning, sustained power, thorough rinsing and economic usage
  • Powerful – Contains specially developed wetting agents and penetrants to effectively emulsify a wide range of contaminations
  • Non-foaming – Controlled foaming allows maximum cleaning effectiveness
  • Free-rinsing – Complete free rinsing leaves surface bright and clean without streaking. Under most normal circumstances, rinsing aids are unnecessary
  • Prevents scale build-up – Special additives condition hard water and actually prevent scale build-up


  • Household and commercial kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and motels
  • Bars and clubs

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Size Available5LT20LT205LT
Product Code300-0005-82300-0020-82300-0205-82