About this product

A highly effective antibacterial spray that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on a wide range of hard surfaces. Spray San is easy to use and safe for food preparation areas, as well as many other hard surface areas including kitchen benches, appliances, tables, chairs, desks, bathrooms, door handles, sports, and even playground equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly effective – kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Easy to use – Simply spray on and wipe off
  • Trigger spray – non-aerosol – Less wastage and more economical
  • Formulated for the efficient cleaning and sanitising of all food areas and hard surfaces
  • Contains 2gm/Lt quaternary ammonium compounds to ensure thorough sanitising of all treated surfaces
  • Food Safe – non-toxic and when necessary, is suitable to leave on food preparation surfaces without rinsing
  • Broad-spectrum bactericide – ideal for all food preparation areas that could harbour harmful germs
  • Convenient – Ready to use, no mixing required


  • Home – kitchen benches, appliances, tables, chairs, bathroom surfaces
  • School – desks, chairs, benches, sports & playground equipment, handrails, door handles, canteen food prep, bathroom areas
  • Work – all industries – kitchens, food prep areas, tables, chairs, offices, equipment
  • COVID-19 – use to clean & sanitise all surfaces within homes, businesses & vehicles

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Product Size500ML5LT20LT
Product Code300-0500-86300-0005-86300-0020-86