About this product

A premium penetrating lubricant and protectant, which is a new standard in efficiency, safety and environmental care. Made with a revolutionary, renewable, plant-based formula – no petroleum ingredients.

Features & Benefits

  • Unrivalled for penetration, lubrication, corrosion neutralisation, protection and safety
  • Unequalled penetration – Seeps into the most difficult areas
  • Low surface tension – Displaces and drives away moisture
  • Highly efficient lubrication – Reduces friction
  • Non-drying – Maintains its lubrication and corrosion protection
  • Non-flammable – Fire safe for extra workplace protection
  • Non-hazardous – Work safely under all conditions
  • No petroleum smells – non-fuming. Safe for confined spaces and continuous contact
  • Renewable plant-based technology
  • No Environmental impact – No Global Warming or Ozone depletion potential
  • 250ml and 500ml squeeze bottles safe for underground mining environments


  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Trucks and tractor parts
  • Hinges, windows, chains
  • Rusted parts
  • Engines
  • Motorcycles and Bicycles
  • Bolts, nuts and screws
  • Sticky mechanisms
  • Sporting goods
  • Ignition systems/distributors
  • Electronic equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Roller doors
  • Lawn mowers
  • Tools

Available in the following sizes

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Product Size250ML500ML5LT20LT205LT1000LT
Product CodeH1026H1027H1028H1029H1030H1031