About this product

A highly effective inhibited acid concentrate specially formulated to remove scale, stains, algae, mineral deposits, mortar and scum quickly and safely.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical – a concentrated blend of highly efficient acids, inhibitors, penetrating and emulsifying agents, allowing maximum dilution rates while maintaining efficiency
  • Fast-acting – Begins working immediately, penetrating and cleaning water meters, concrete trucks, brickwork, boilers, stoneware, etc.
  • Easy application – Easy to apply by brushing or soaking…. minimum scrubbing…. rinses free with water
  • Safe – After proper dilution, Trete Crete is harmless to most paints and finishes. No dangerous fumes
  • Time-saving – provides a one-step cleaning action, reducing both time and labour


  • Cleaning excess mortar from new brickwork
  • Cleaning concrete from trucks, bins, tubing, etc.
  • Cleaning grime, algae, rust and stains from old brickwork and masonry
  • Descaling boilers, condensers and heat exchangers
  • Dissolving corrosion salts from ferrous metals

Available in the following sizes

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Size Available5LT20LT205LT1000LT
Product Code300-0005-88300-0020-88300-0205-88300-1000-88