About this product

Tuff Stuff grill plate cleaner is the fastest and most efficient way to clean hot plates. Specially formulated to remove burnt-on carbon, gummy and greasy deposits and eliminate heavy scraping and scouring.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains no ammoniated compounds or petroleum solvents. The surfactants and surface activators are based on natural and renewable resources and exceed the requirements of the national health and medical research council’s test procedures for biodegradability
  • A ready to use liquid concentrate
  • Contains special wetting agents which ensure fast penetration and easy thorough rinsing
  • Contains no animal soaps or any by-products of any ingredient that has required animal testing
  • Makes cleaning hot plates easy. No scrubbing or scraping, carbon and grease just rinse away


  • Barbeques and grill plates
  • Industrial kitchen grill plates
  • Hotel and Hospitality kitchen grills

*Caution: Do not use Tuff Stuff on aluminium hot plates

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Product Size5LT20LT205LT
Product Code300-0005-90300-0020-90300-0205-90