Tyre Sheen

Tyre Shine & Protectant

About this product

A premium silicone tyre dressing.

Features & Benefits

  • Dries quickly – leaving a natural high sheen
  • Gives new and natural appearance to all rubber surfaces
  • Provides a slick, stick-free surface allowing the treated surface to shed dust, and allows grime to be rinsed away
  • Higher viscosity silicon polymers give greater protection, more natural shine and longer-lasting effect
  • Tyres maintain a new “cared for” look right through to the next wash period
  • The coating is water and stain repellent
  • Simple to use – just spray and spread


  • Car yards
  • Mechanics
  • Tyre and rim specialty industries
  • Fleet and coach industries
  • Trucks and other heavy vehicles

Available in the following sizes

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Size Available5LT20LT
Product Code302-0005-24302-0020-24